Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blogging Every Day...We'll See!

Several of my Twitter colleagues have challenged themselves to write a blog post every day for a year. They are excited about the PROCESS. 

This word leaps from the page as I read it. It reminds me of how in Orff-Schuwerk "process" is what it's all about. Learning this in my Orff levels revolutionized how I taught.  

To this day I tell others that in my Orff levels I learned HOW to teach; in my Kodály levels I learned WHAT to teach.

I try to keep my Blogposts musical in nature so this will be a nice reflection of musical moments during my day - as it has been thus far.  Just more frequently.

As the title says, "We'll see!"

So what about today's musical experiences...

I heard some phenomenal piano music coming from the piano studio next to my classroom. 
That made my heart smile.

My sightsinging students are so talented I am looking forward to working with them this year.

These were highlights, but I think my favorite occurred at church tonight.

The first Wednesday of every month my little church has singing night followed by a fellowship. This monthly event was one of the main reasons I decided to worship with this congregation. Basically we sing 4-part harmony a cappella for 45 minutes straight. I love singing with others. I must admit it is my favorite part of worship.

Oh, lest I forget...
I had a conversation with a colleague about our mutual musical foundation at singing schools when we were young. This deserves an entire post of its a later time. I will mention it here to remind myself to address it. 

After all I have a year to write...


  1. Nice moments to remember. Continue having a great semester. I'll just add a shout out to the Pinson congregation!