Monday, September 9, 2013

Out of Commission

In my career as a musician I can't think of anything worse than being out of commission. By this I mean not being able to practice, perform, etc.

As a young girl I recall my glasses lens getting broken right before music contest. I remember being in a state of panic as I must wear my glasses to see. I thought I was out of commission. My parents came to the rescue. While we couldn't fix the lens on a Friday night they were able to get it back into the frame and tape it in place.  I remember feeling a little like a pirate with a partial patch on one eye. I was able to make it through contest successfully.

Near tragedy averted.

Then there have been the times that I lost my voice. Not being able to talk never really bothers me. I can teach without talking.  It's amazing how well the students listen when they know you've lost your voice. Not being able to sing saddens me to the point that I want to cry. I am frustrated and little pangs of panic set in.

After all, my voice and being able to sing is my livelihood.

My newest malady is that I cut my finger yesterday. It didn't really hurt. My brother bandaged me up. I rehearsed with my recorder ensemble an hour after the cut. I drove to church and school. I played piano. I did everything I normally do.

Uh-oh! After 24 hours the cut was still oozing blood so I went to the campus doctor.


As you can see he immobilized my finger. Upon hearing I'd played my recorder and piano he said it wasn't going to heal properly if I didn't take it easy. He said the splint will remind me to not move it.

SOOOO..I am out of commission as far as music making, instrument playing is concerned for 2-3 days.
I don't know how well this will go.
The splint is already bugging me. 

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