Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Web Quest: In Search Of...Pinto. Um, Who?

I decided to do a web quest similar to the one I had my music appreciation students complete today. 

At a loss for a topic on a whim I searched for musicians who had been born on this day, September 25th.  While there were several I was already familiar with, I thought, "Why not learn about someone new?"

Hence, George Frederic Pinto.

A few facts: 
~ English composer.
~ Depending on the source the years of his life were 1785-1806. He died at age 21. Of dissipation it is said. Did he waste away due to a health issue or did he do as many young men today do and party too much? My limited web quest didn't tell me the answer.
~ His real first name was "Sanders" or "Saunders," but he took on his maternal grandfather's name "George." I wonder why.
~ He studied with Salomon, violinist, composer, and best known as concert organizer. This guy also worked with Haydn too.
~ He wrote 5 piano sonatas & 3 violin sonatas as well as some art songs. Quite an accomplishment for such a young man.
~ His music has been compared to that of Franz Schubert. High praise indeed!

Music Reflection: 
A quick analysis of his Minuet in Ab Major (found online) for piano reveals a lyrical melody that is easily sight read. I find it interesting that the Trio section is in E Major. The transition to this is an odd (to me at least) enharmonic passage that makes one think he is leading to the new key, but right before the Trio begins he cadences in Ab Major.  I'll have to play through this on the piano to see how it all meshes together. [Perhaps a task for a weekend break from writing.]

A couple of pictures of him. However, I wonder which is the original for, if you will notice, it appears to be the exact same portrait though one image has a violin nestled on his shoulder.  Hmmm... Love the tousled hair though! A sign of his youth.


Learning something new each day is important. This brief little web quest allowed me to do a little research, examine a new piece of music, and listen to his works on YouTube.
A nice musical way to end my day!
Perhaps you could do a web quest on a topic that interests you! Good luck!

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