Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Girl Who Walks the Street

I see her nearly every day as I drive around my neighborhood. Recently she has responded to my waves as I drive by. It is my goal to one day see her smile.

You see, as each time I see her she walks alone, this young girl of 13 or 14. I see in her face the longing for a friend to walk with her, to talk with her. Her head is usually down, long hair hanging so that it nearly covers her face, watching her feet plod along glancing up only when the sound of an approaching car catches her attention.

I worried at first about her. About her seeming loneliness. Then I saw it. The tell-tale signs of white earbuds snaking up to her ears. Evidence of her hidden iPod.

Now, knowing she is more than likely listening to music, I am less concerned about her loneliness for she has her music. Yes, she walks the streets - not in the manner you, gracious reader, might have thought - but she walks and finds solace, comfort, and/or friendship in her music.

Now, as I drive by, I watch her gait and feel the beat that she steps out to the music though I am unable to hear it. This is enough for me to adjust whatever tune is in my head at the moment to the beat of her gait. For that moment in time we are in sync.

Me and the girl who walks the street.