Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pinned by Pinterest ...21st C Idea Sharing


I've been on Pinterest for a week.  I have 16 followers, 40 boards, and 366 pins.

What is this thing called Pinterest?
     From what I've gathered it is a great way to get, share, and collect ideas.

Who are these followers?
     I know 2 people.  I have no clue who the others are.  Stalkers? Who knows?  But somehow we are connected through music. Proves yet again the connections that music can create.

What am I doing there?
     Thus far I have focused on music/school related ideas.  For the time being I hope to keep it on a professional level.  I know others gather craft ideas, recipes, and other stuff.  One day I may get there.

Why spend time there?
     It is going to be helpful to me as I teach my classes.  I find myself drawn to the homemade type of ideas rather than those that are commercially generated.
     Through reading blogs of other music teachers I am staying current with what is going on in music classrooms and studios across the country.

     No, like most new things I am interested in it, but I imagine the interest in Pinterest will eventually wane. Pinterest ID is sburns06 
See you there!