Sunday, May 8, 2011

That Our Flag Was Still There...

[This is not intended as an eloquent, well-thought-out blog since I tend to "plan" my blog posts - just something that is on my mind at the moment.]

This phrase from our national anthem came to my mind whilst viewing a collection of pictures of the devastation in the South from recent storms and tornadoes.

The pictures were unbelievable. Homes were completely destroyed. For some the only sign that a house existed was a driveway up to a concrete slab. One picture struck me: while a child was innocently playing in the dirt out in front of a destroyed house adults were walking amongst the debris probably overwhelmed by the devastation.

So why did this phrase from the national anthem of the United States come to my mind? It is because even though destruction was everywhere, in most of the pictures I caught a glimpse, a flutter, a wave of the stars and stripes. There were no fancy flagpoles. Any that had existed were most likely blown away. These flags were attached to fence posts, fallen tree trunks, remains of houses, and etc. Despite the horrors, the flag yet waves and represents the strength, resolve, and courage of the American people. Not just those affected by the storms, but of the entire nation. For when one hurts, we all hurt. Rivalries and competiveness are cast aside as we take care of our own.

Anyway, let's be motivated by this waving flag and do what we can to help our own even if it is just a few words of prayer. Since I try to keep a musical theme with this blog I will but only mention that in addition to the patriotism shown by the flag the turning to God is also a prevailing theme.

Both seem appropriate in times like this.