Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Haiku? Don't Mind If I Do!


Ok, something totally random and probably my shortest blogpost yet.

I was reading my Twitter feed. (Yes, I tweet! Follow me @musicalsojourn.)

An NPR reporter had tweeted a haiku he'd written while waiting for his flight. It was very clever.  Here is his tweet:

@nprscottsimon: Travel haiku: The more delayed the flight/the further the gate/and later the luggage.

This prompted me to look up the specifics about the Japanese haiku. I recall writing them as a young school girl. I remember laboring over having to write them.  It was so hard!

So I thought I'd dedicate the time I normally spend on this blog to writing a haiku.

I think it took me less than two minutes. Somehow it was easier than I recall. 
Maybe it's because I can count syllables better now than then. 
Maybe I know bigger words - words with more than one syllable.


Anyway here is my attempt.

For those English or haiku pros out there, the page I found on haikus said the pattern was 17 syllables divided 5-7-5 though it did say the patterns often varied nowadays.
For the poets who might read this, I think this is the first verse I've attempted in nearly...um...maybe since that schoolgirl day. 

*deep breath*

Musical Haiku

All throughout my day
Music encompasses me
Makes my life complete.

Musical sojourns
Permeate my thoughts daily
So I share with you.

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