Saturday, September 28, 2013

Joyful Expressions


A friend has a photography studio named "Joyful Expressions."  Seeing this run through the newsfeed made me think about the phrase in terms of singing, not photography (though it most definitely applies there as well).

How often do you sing?
Me, I tend to sing a good part of the day.

Alone and with others.
A varied repertoire of music.
(An ever so gentle nod to the National Standards of Music Education.)

But I digress ...

How often do you sing without really realizing the meaning of the words you are saying?
I know I don't always pay attention to the words I'm singing.

Sometimes I have to catch myself upon the realization that the words might not be something I would want to be singing.

I wonder if those celebrities who sing concerts every day actually sing with expression and meaning or do the songs, after a while, just become an act?

Makes you think, huh?

Does it make you rethink the money you spend on their concerts?

I imagine not for, after all, they put on a good show.
Even if it is just an act.

Today I watched two men sing with joyful expressions. I was close enough to see it in their facial expressions and in their eyes.

They made me want to sing along.
So I did.

Regardless of when or where you next sing, think about what you are singing. 
Think about the words.
And maybe, just maybe, your joyful expression will encourage someone else to sing along!

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