Sunday, October 21, 2012

Expand Your Mind:
Five Things about Placido Domingo

I heard an interview with Placido Domingo, world reknown artist and conductor, yesterday on NPR. I learned several things.

~Placido has a son, Placido,Jr., who also sings.

~Placido, at 71, continues to sing today. He stated, as only someone of his caliber can without appearly pompous, conceited, and arrogant, that he continues to sing because he knows that his appearances can fill concert halls aiding the financial stability of orchestras and operas around the world.

~Placido, known to the world as one of the leading tenors, now sings baritone roles. Not, as some may believe, because his range has lessened due to the aging process, but because he has sung all the tenor music and wants to challenge himself with new music. Imagine that: a man who has had such a career where he could be content to do what is easiest WORKING to LEARN new music.

~Placido has a new album coming out. It features him singing duets with other artists - in their style of singing. It demonstrates his prowess and ability to adapt to other styles. I will admit though - some "work", others don't. Remember the Julio Iglesias & Willie Nelson duet? That's how some sound to me. You can listen to several tracks here.

~The biggest surprise: Placido's family sings KARAOKE at family gatherings!!! This is the biggest shock to me. Most classically trained musicians shun those who sing Karaoke. Placido said he finds it humbling for when he sings it others tend to critique his performances. Imagine that: critiquing the singing ability of Placido Domingo! But he enjoys it and, well, it kind of makes me rethink the whole idea. I've never done it (Karaoke)...who knows what the future may bring?

Want to learn more about Placido?

I hope you enjoyed this musical sojourn.

Seek peace and may you be blessed....