Thursday, September 5, 2013

Making Music

I am a musician. I am a teacher. A music teacher.
I am also an ABD doctoral candidate.
Often times the responsibility as teacher is all consuming. What is left is dedicated to the doctoral candidate pursuit. So much so that the majority of my energy is devoted to the teacher/student side of me rather than the musician side.

As I completed my Kodály levels I was reminded of the importance of continuing the musicianship, the music making that got me into this field in the first place.

I daily need to be reminded of that.  At times I have to do what I tell my students to do - to schedule practice times into my day.

It started simply. As I took breaks from my writing I would play piano, the congas, the Irish whistle. Why? Because I was making music.

But I wanted to make music with others.

As a result I started a recorder ensemble (yet unnamed) this summer. A recent graduate, a colleague, a friend, and myself have been making music together regularly since the beginning of the summer. We already have two possible performance opportunities. :)

Last spring I joined the local community chorus. It was a welcoming group of musicians who LOVE choral music and making music. The music is challenging and beautiful. My love of singing is fulfilled.

Last week I auditioned for a chamber ensemble made up of women. I would say that ever since I heard Sweet Honey in the Rock and Libana (both all-female groups) it has been my desire to sing with a small ensemble of women. I've toyed with the idea of starting my own, but this works out better, I can still get the enjoyment of making music without being in charge. :)

The common theme here is making music

It is an integral part of my life. I have seen posts on Facebook that say something like, "I am the person I am because of the music that has been a part of my life."

So, if you can't find me in the classroom...or writing at my will probably find me


  1. I often reflect on the privilege and outlet that music provides. In the past year I have taken up two additional instruments: ukulele and mandolin. To me, music is an outlet that promotes expression and creativity. The benefits "spill over" into other areas of life.

    1. Good for you, Bruce! I always admired when you talked of traveling and taking your guitar along with you. You made music a part of your life.

  2. Sarah I can totally relate. I am so glad that I auditioned for Bells In Motion back in 1997! I love making music and love even more the opportunity to perform. My life would be so much more empty if I didn't have my music.

    1. I didn't realize you'd been playing with the group for so long! I know I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities I had playing with the group. It was a valuable experience for me.