Sunday, September 22, 2013

To The Dump! Dump! Dump!

Text from my brother: "Picked up what I think is a trumpet at the dump. Haven't opened case but looks like right size. Dump man said he couldn't blow through it. Valves prob mismatched."

My response: "Wow! That is cool."

So many things come to mind upon reading this text.

First, kudos to my brother for snagging the instrument. If it is a trumpet and playable that was a terrific find!

Second, the reference "Dump man" makes me laugh. It's not a phrase I've heard too often before.

Third, the image of the dump man trying to blow through the horn is hilarious to me. It's not everyday you go to the dump and see someone trying to blow through an instrument.  I admit I've been known to blow through an instrument or two without really thinking about its cleanliness; however, I don't think I'd do that at the dump or on anything I found at the dump without cleaning it first. That's one brave dump man.

Fourth, and perhaps more importantly, it never ceases to distress me when I hear of instruments being discarded. Sure, as a musician, I know that some instruments could and should be labeled useless. However, most instruments can be salvageable. Even if only to be made in to lamps.

I think of the child whose only instrument is the one that someone deemed useless. Many great musicians have gotten their start on an old beat up instrument someone else didn't want. And I'm not talking about children in third world countries. It's happened here in the USA. The ones that come to mind are some jazz greats.

Fifth, great music can come from the dump. Have you seen this viral video? It sure may change your view of instruments that come from the dump.  And/Or humble you for wastefulness.

Landfill Harmonic

Sixth, a plea: if you, my faithful readers, have any instruments tucked away hidden in a closet, under a bed, or just somewhere gathering dust, please consider donating them to either your local school band program or offer it to a child who might not get to join band, if not for your donation.  If you are not sure what to do talk to your local music teacher or band director. Even donating it to Goodwill might get it into the hands of a beginning musician of any age.

Oh, yes, text update:

Me: "Is it a trumpet."

Brother: "Cornet. Needs cleaned. I blew air through with no prob. Bundy in rough shape but usable I think."


I know what you're thinking.
I didn't ask. :)

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