Friday, September 6, 2013

How Tall Were They? Inquiring Minds...

Did someone really query the topic of the heights of famous composers?
If only I had the luxury of time to ponder trivial topics such as this!
It does make one realize that physical attributes have very little to do with creativity.
I like that in music outward appearances do not impact talent and abilities.
Stereotypes abound.
Most would never peg Grieg, at 5'1", and athlete so yes, he could be a composer. On the other hand Rachmaninov could have been recruited by the NBA solely asked on his height.
The music field though often perceived as snobbish and clique-ish has a place for everyone.
I see this line up and as I read each name a particular work comes to mind.
I like that my association with this image sharing physical attributes is contrary to what the creator intended. I see a group of men whose music has influenced my own musical life.
And so I am blessed to end the day with a playlist of these men' music resonating in my mind.
Play on!

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