Monday, September 23, 2013

The Maestro Lift

To just see the phrase "Maestro Lift" one might be confused by it.

"Maestro" usually refers to  conductor. In this usage it does.

The word "lift" is a bit vague.

It could naturally mean the lifting of one's arms to conduct. However, this term is used in the literal sense: that of physically lifting the maestro (conductor).

Maestro James Levine's return to the podium is highly anticipated. Especially anticipated since he will be returning to the podium after 2-year absence due to a fall that injured his spine.

He is returning to the podium with the aid of a special ramp, lift, & podium that will raise him in hhis wheelchair to the height necessary for the orchestra to see him.

This is wonderful news, but not because an amazing conductor is returning.

It is wonderful because it shows that having a disability should not deter anyone from making music. Modifications can be done to enable even someone with the severest disability to make music.

It is a reminder to me that I should do what is necessary, even when the challenges require clever modifications, to make music within the grasp of all people.

As one who has taught music to those nearly every possible impairment I understand and embrace those opportunities that make me think outside the box.

Bravo, Maestro Levine!
May the music play on!

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