Saturday, September 7, 2013

Museums of Musical Instruments


A student posted some pictures today from her studies abroad program. Other students in the past have posted similar ones. They have posted pictures of what seems to be a visit to a museum or collection of musical instruments.  I am so happy that they have these experiences.

It reminds me of a visit I had in 2003 to the National Music Museum which is housed on the campus of the University of South Dakota, Vermillion. I recall walking through the galleries with awe and excitement. They had an original saxophone family by Adolph Sax, a Stradivarius violin (insured for over $1 million), a huge display of harmonicas (I have my grandfather's dated 1898), and a complete gamelan orchestra which I was privileged to get to play.

It was a magical visit, one I can't even begin to describe fully. I'd love to go back. Maybe one day...

I have begun my own collection of musical instruments.  Probably about 300+ instruments. The most prized would be the aforementioned harmonica once belonging to my Grandpa as well as his Jew's/Juice Harp. Then would come my flutophone and beginning trombone. The first instruments I ever played.  The ones that started my instrumental journey.

I've been thinking I needed to inventory, organize, display my collection. Some day perhaps!

And yes, I do play my instruments. :)

As I was checking my facts about the museum I'd visited I did a search for it, thinking it would be the 1st entry. I must admit to an inner thrill when I saw information about The MIM (Musical Instrument Museum), Phoenix, AZ; and the MOMI (Museum of Musical Instruments), Santa Cruz, CA. There were also several museums of art that house exhibits of musical instruments.

This set me thinking...
Perhaps I've found inspiration for a future trip west.
Hmmmm...I do have family and friends out "thataway."
Can anyone say, "Road trip!"?
Wanna come along?


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