Wednesday, June 24, 2015

As Sand Through The Hourglass

In recent days the music world has lost some noteworthy musicians.

I'll not try to list any of them here for fear I would omit someone and offend a reader.

I will say that in the past seven days alone the jazz, classical, and film music industries have lost some leaders whose contributions to their individual fields have not been nor will not be viewed as merely "sand through the hourglass."

Their deaths may have ended their life here on earth, but their endeavors while alive have created a legacy that will live on.


Upon hearing of a musician's death I try to read about them.

Sadly, it is usually through their obituary I learn of some person's musical impact.

Where was I that I did not know of this talented artist while they yet lived?

What enrichment have I personally missed out on not knowing of this musician?

Others I have studied and/or taught about in my classes.

For those I feel a personal sense of loss because they have had a direct impact on me as a student, teacher, musician, or all three of these.


Feeble as it may be I do try to post some brief tribute about each musician whose passing I hear about.

(Normally these post are made on my Twitter account: @MusicalSojourn)

These tributes are often a quote by them from an interview or a description of their work that strikes me as poignant.

It's not much, but it does ever so humbly honor their contributions during their musical sojourn on this earth.