Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Stage Musical

Tonight I went to see Disney's Tarzan, "The Stage Musical."

I really enjoyed it. Though I know the story of Tarzan I was interested to see how this version told it.

The celebrity star was Eden Espinosa.

However, for me the stars were the young singers from a local high school who got to perform featured roles as the young Tarzan and young Terk as well as serve as back-up gorillas, I mean, singers.


A question came to my mind upon reading the program for this show.

An opera, by definition, is a drama that has music, costumes, lighting, dance, special effects, soloists & chorus, and orchestra.

This is also a close/loose definition for Broadway musical.

An oratorio, by definition, is a drama that has music and soloists, chorus, and orchestra, but does not have the other aspects that opera has.

Using the comparison of opera to oratorio and following the reasoning that a Broadway musical is comparable to an opera, would/could a "stage musical" (as in the title for this program) which has the music, soloists, chorus, and orchestra and limited lighting and special effects be called a Broadway oratorio? 

(Yes, I know those do not exist, to my knowledge, as a musical genre - I'm just thinking out loud.)

Any thoughts?

I'm going to keeping thinking on this.

Occasionally. :)

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