Thursday, October 17, 2013

Red Grooms

"What are you doing here?"

This was the question I was asked this evening as I took my seat at a lecture about the artist Red Grooms.

I can't remember what I said.

Right now I hope I said something like,

"I'm here to learn."

Because I did.

Learn something, that is.

I wasn't really sure what to expect - other than a very good presentation.  I had just told my sister on the phone that I'd hoped to get some sort of inspiration for today's blog.

I had my iPad with me so I could take notes. (I get my note-taking habit from my momma.)


Certainly the obvious inspiration for this blog would be the following creations.

From the Fox Trot Carousel

Fats Domino

The Everly Brothers

Chet Atkins
And then these representations of musicians
                                  Elvis Presley                                                  
Chuck Berry
This is the coolest thing - I can't remember what it was called. It kind of reminds me of a paper doll set where you create your own dolls.
This is Fats Domino. The first image is the pattern. The remaining four pictures are pictures of the image from different angles.

Who needs 3D printing when you have this?
Certainly the artwork is the obvious inspiration, but I did learn some interesting characteristics of his artwork that has been and can be applied to music.
His attitude toward the input of others and collaboration is admirable. He is said to be very generous for giving credit for collaborations. You don't find many great artists or musicians who are willing to share the spotlight.
I like the description that "he just goes with things" as opposed to thinking, or overthinking, things through. This tells me he is laid back and goes with the flow.
It was mentioned that Red Grooms was very prolific.  This made me think of Franz Schubert who wrote 600 songs and Irving Berlin who wrote over 1500 songs. What about Haydn and his 104 symphonies? What about Duke Ellington's over 2000 pieces - jazz charts and others types of music?
See, something can be learned at an art lecture.
And something musical can come out of it.
I encourage you to explore not only the artist Red Grooms, but also other artists.
One never knows what will be learned!

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