Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Are You Ready for Some Football?!?!?!

Football season is here.

Can you feel the brisk, cool air?

Can you see them warming up?

Flashy uniforms.
Twirling. (?)
Going through the paces.

Do you hear them?

The Drums.
The Brass.
The Winds.

"Oom-pa-pa" go the tubas.

What else would I be talking about other than the marching band?

That is what football means to me.


Standing at attention.
Marking time.
Learning the drills.
Memorizing the music.
Playing solos in front of a packed set of bleachers.


Did you know it takes 8 steps to march between the lines on a football field?
It does!

Did you know that AstroTurf is slippery when it is cold outside?
It is!

Did you know that the spit in a trombone drips back to your mouth when you lift your bell high to blast the sound to the top of the bleachers?

I know....Ewwwww!!!!

It does though.
(Sadly, I know from personal experience.)

Some of my favorite memories of high school are the time spent making music with my fellow band mates on the practice field and on the football field.

Here is a recent video of my alma mater's marching show.

They are very good - award winning, even - I am so glad the legacy of the Geneseo band program continues on.

I might mention the size of this group is about a third of what marched the while I was in school.  I don't know the exact numbers, but we marched 150-175 instruments, 20 flags, 20 pom-poms, 4 twirlers, and a color guard.

We were a power to be reckoned with.


I'm pretty proud of that.


Some other field shows that I love

A Tribute to Michael Jackson (OSU)

Who knew a marching band could moon walk???

Video Game Show (Cal Band)

How many video games did you recognize?


So...are you ready for some football??

I'll be there...

For pre-game and half-time.

See you!

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