Monday, October 7, 2013

It's Surreal

                                          Surreal Music by Mario

It happens frequently.

Today's lesson was one that usually prompts its occurrence.

Today's lesson was about Beethoven and his Symphony #5.

It happened as I stood in class listening to the music.

The realization just washed over me.

The realization that I get paid to listen to such amazing music.

I've had similar realizations as I studied musical scores in preparation for music classes or choral rehearsal.

I often tell students that I get paid to do my hobby.
Not many can say that, but I can.
I have been blessed by an entire career of a job that is also my hobby.

It's kind of like a professional athlete who gets paid to do what he or she loves.

That's me.

Only without the salary that professional athletes get.

Anyway, at times it is surreal when I realize that I am just listening to music and then realize this listening to music is my job.

And I am thankful for it.

The music.
The job.
Both together are one in the same and interchangeable.

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