Thursday, October 10, 2013

Making Memories

Through out my life certain experiences are highlights.
I'm thinking of the ones where I got to spend time with my music teachers outside of the classroom.

I recall watching the high school band director playing basketball with the boys even before he became my high school band director.  The high school band members were building a Homecoming float at our house one year. As the little sister I tried to know everything that was going on and be involved even though I wasn't a high schooler.

And yet I remember him playing basketball.

While in college I was welcomed into the home of my choir director. I was only there a few of times - some times my friends and I would arrive unexpectedly. Expected or not he always welcomed us in and told his wife to go make some hotdogs. Simple fare, but blessed company.

And today when I drive by his now empty home I remember the times I spent there.

I recall in grad school as a graduate assistant for the orchestra I would cook meals after Tuesday night rehearsals for the itinerant orchestra conductor.  He was with a different orchestra across the country every day and I thought it was the least I could do to feed him a home cooked meal. While I was making the food he would study scores or, my favorite, practice his oboe.

And even today I can remember that beautiful oboe sound.

Another experience in grad school was visiting one of the professor's house each weekend.  I remember driving down the long drive to the house and seeing off in the woods a light shining from a building.  Turns out the light was shining on the grand piano in his music studio which was built in the woods.  The front of it was all glass and the light was the only light on when the studio was not occupied.

And now I have hopes of one day having a glass-fronted studio with a piano inside.  One day.  Since my property does not have trees I'd better plant some trees first. :)

During my doctoral studies I have been invited to several of the professors' homes. I have shared meals with them. One was a very classy backyard gathering. As an appetizer my prof served fresh mozzarella cheese balls in some sort of liquid. I'd never had them before, but they were good. I thought mozzarella cheese came in a bag. Shredded.

Now when I see fresh mozzarella cheese in the deli at the grocery I think of those times at his house. I also occasionally buy some. Like now, I have some in my fridge. :)

Tonight it was my turn.

Tonight for the first time I welcomed students into my home for what was billed as a "Musical Midterm Relaxer" with food, discussion, and impromptu music.

The food was a simple spread and the students seemed to enjoy it.

The discussion was just fun. I really enjoyed getting to know them better as people and not as students.
The impromptu music was GREAT fun! Somehow we ended up by my instruments. Next thing I know we are each playing an instrument and experimenting with them. Then I found myself, ME, sitting on the FLOOR (!) in what should be my dining room along with the students playing instruments. The instruments were spread out on the floor within reach and everyone played all the instruments, I think.  Before I knew it an hour had past.

Amongst a LOT of LAUGHTER...

We took pictures of each other.

We recorded our jam sessions.

We played songs by ear that we all knew.

We improvised together on melodic and percussion instruments.





I hope,

We made memories.

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