Sunday, October 27, 2013

Holiday Word Activity

When I was a little girl it seemed like every holiday a teacher would have students create statements using the letters in words associated with a certain holiday.


               Valentines Day

I'm sure there was something academic behind the task - like using our vocabulary, but I only recall it being a holiday activity.

Somewhere in my stash of childhood papers I probably have those creations.

Today it is not uncommon for music teachers to have their students create sayings from the letters in the  word "MUSIC."

Here's my attempt.

M o t i v a t e s
U n i f i e s
S y n t h e s i z e s
I n s p i r e s
C o m m u n e s

(We have something like it as a bulletin board at my school right now.
I can't recall the all of the words, but that really doesn't matter.)

Do you have any ideas?

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