Sunday, December 1, 2013

Unpacking Books

Ever since I was a small child I loved to read.

I can remember staying up most of the night to finish a good book.

I can remember not being able to because the book I just finished was on my mind.

Nowadays I don't get to read too much for enjoyment.

Most of my reading is what academia calls "professional readings."

These can take the form of scholarly journals (nothing interesting like Better Homes & Gardens or People magazines) or nonfiction books (no interesting novels by, say, James Michener, John Grisham, or Victoria Holt).

I do have one book I am enjoying reading though it is taking me forever because of all the other reading I must do.

The current one is a biography about composer/music theory teacher Paul Hindemith.

The last book was an autobiography of Virgil Thomson.

I think it's taken about a year to read each one. :(

These are books you read.


At the moment I am surrounded by books I can sing.

And I have to mentally stop myself from trying to sing the entire book in one sitting.

You see, as I was completing my masters degree I had to collect folk songs.

At the time I bought a lot of folk songs books in order to have new and fresh tunes to build my song collection from.

[I recall my advisor asking me if I had thought to use the library. I told her I wouldn't be able to keep those books.]

I would say once a week or so I would receive a shipment of several books.

It was not uncommon for me to open the packages and sing through the entirety of each book.

Before I knew it hours had passed.

I would just sit and sight read the songs.

Call me a music nerd.

Yup, I am one!

Anyway, recently I have been unpacking books to catalogue (yes, I'm that nerdy too that I have a book inventory).

I have found myself singing through the books once again.

Then I would stop myself and move on to the next book...or box...

Where the singing would start all over again.

I have been blessed over the years with these wonderful books.

I actually have more books of song collections in my house than I do books to read.

And I see that as a good thing.

For me at least.

I may have to go buy some books that guests who visit may choose from.

I think I can give them one shelf of book choices.

A small shelf.

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