Monday, December 30, 2013

Piles of Clothing

[Disclaimer: This is not my living room.]

There are piles of clothing in my living room right now awaiting donation to Goodwill.

Yes, they are all clean.

Yes, they are all folded.

Most of the items have been hanging in my closet or resting folded in drawers for quite a while.


I took comfort, however, in knowing they were there even though they were taking up space.

What in the world could this have to do with music?

Well, my closet was near overflowing so ridding it of some clothing is not going to really deplete my having clothing to wear.

Think about your music collection.

     Be it MP3s.
     Be it CDs.
     Be it Cassettes.
     Be it 8-Tracks.
     Be it LPs.
     Be it 45s.
     Be it 78s.
     Be it Cylinders. (For my radio friend!)

These are the tangible means by which we might possess music.

I can not forget to mention that music we access via YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, or whatever is created in years to come.

I won't even open the Pandora's box of including my sheet music in this total.

(Right now, next to my piano I have a stack of sheet music/books that is about 2 feet tall. That's just THAT stack of music.)

When is the last time you listened to ALL of your music?

Is that even possible?

I know of people who have days, weeks, months, yes, even years worth of music available to them.

Will they EVER be able to listen to all the music they possess or have available to them?

Just as this clothing once idly hung in my closet or rested in my drawers and I found comfort knowing it was there...

So too, do I - um, do we all - find comfort knowing that that piece of music in whatever form it may be in is there for us to play.

But, like these piles of clothing, sometimes we have to weed out our collections.

However, since I now have extra space in my closet and drawers, I have plenty of room for my music collection.


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