Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Older I Get The Older the Music Gets


"I find that the older I get, the older the music I like." 
18 year old female
This post is inspired by a comment by a student.
I like that she is realizing that as she matures, her taste in music matures.
Matures in that she realizes that music that existed before she was born has some worth.
Now for me, obviously the older I get the older the music I like gets because, well, I'm farther away from those oldies than I was when I was younger.
These days more and more I am finding that many of the young people I come in contact with have some "classics"/"oldies" that they like.
For many of them, these designations mean the music was either from before they were born or the music of someone older than them.
Some times I worry that I am not able to sing recent hits word-for-word.
And then a song comes on the radio and I start singing along.
Somehow, I am picking up the songs and don't realize it.
That could be a scary thing, but for me I'm just glad that I am staying in touch with the music of today.
After all, as I get older so too will those songs.
I just hope that the songs that I happen to be learning and singing now evolve into new classics.
Otherwise I will know more useless, quality lacking songs.
Like the Billboards song.
Like "Hillbilly Will."
Like  ________________.
At least in my old age I will have lots of songs to sing for the
"Old Folks at Home."
(In case you older readers were wondering, yes, the lyrics to this song have been edited to be politically correct. This is a trend in music today that I have mixed feelings about.)

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