Monday, December 9, 2013

Like a Good Friend

It's like a good friend, it's always there for me.
Female college student

A student wrote this and I thought it to be so comforting.

So often we turn to music when we need a sense of comfort.

Just like turning to a friend.

Though, I believe, that many will first turn to music because of the solitary comfort it affords before revealing the vulnerability of turning to a friend.

For you see, music is there.

Whenever we need it.

And, even when we can't actually listen to it, it is there in our head.

Don't believe me? 

Turn off whatever might be playing - TV, iPod, stereo, etc. - and just sing (think) a song in your mind.

If it is a song you know pretty well and you think about it intently you will be able to hear the instruments and/or voices in your mind.

So, even when alone with no way of playing the music, our minds have the amazing capability of "playing" the music for us.

In the music education world we call this "inner hearing" or "audiation."

We work really hard to develop this skill in our students.

However, I believe they already innately possess the skill.

It is our job to guide them in realizing how to channel that skill and understand it.

So, next time you need the comfort of a friend, just turn the music on and let it soothe you.

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