Tuesday, November 5, 2013

You Never Know Who Might Be Listening


"Can you hear me now?"

This is a catch phrase for one of the cell phone companies.  I'm not sure which one, but that doesn't really matter.
Hearing it a few moments ago reminded of an event in a store the other day.
I was looking at some items when I heard a voice say, "I can hear you."
I kept about my business.
Again I heard the voice and, being alone in the aisle and thinking it might be speaking to me, I raised up on tiptoes to look over the shelving. 
Seeing no one I went on my way down the aisle.
I paused to look at something.
Then I heard the voice again say, "I can hear you."
Again rising on tiptoes I peered across the shelves and saw a grizzled old man's face.
He was smiling a toothless smile and I said, "Pardon me?"
He said, for the third time, "I can hear you. I can hear you humming that song. It's a good one, isn't it?"
I was caught.
What could have been an awkward stranger-danger moment became a youngish person's learning about an older gentleman's enjoyment of music.
We chatted for a few moments about the oldies/classics being played on the store's system.
Oldies to me.
The music of his youth for him.
Joined in a moment in time in 2013.
Proof once again music is intergenerational and stands the test of time.
Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to whistle or hum as I go about my business.
At first I felt a bit sheepish that a stranger had commented on it.
However, the resulting musical conversation was worth any momentary discomfort.
And I will continue my solitary music making...
Until the next encounter.

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