Thursday, November 21, 2013

Music Has...The Power...To Inspire

Music Has...The Power...To Inspire.

A friend posted this and it gave me pause.

I was drawn to the key words: Music, Power, Inspire


Music is what I write about every day. 

When I read it nearly always involves the topic of music.
When I watch TV or Movies I always notice the music.
When I go through my day I notice the music around me.

It encompasses my life. It is my vocation.


Music having power is unquestionable.

Its power is

  • Very subjective.
  • Very individual.
  • Very personal.
There is no easy way to describe its power because for me its power changes from moment-to-moment from situation-to-situation.

I know...

It has the power to stir my emotions.

It has the power to take my breath away.

It has the power to fill me with pride.


But how does music inspire?

Music inspires Creativity. Improvisation. Composition. Innovation. Performance. Movement.

Music inspires action. Some good. Some bad.

Music inspires emotions. Grief. Fear. Anger. Joy. Contentment. Satisfaction. Etc.


One simple statement.

So many thoughts are provoked.

What are your thoughts?

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