Monday, November 2, 2015

Banana Boat Song

This is a song from my childhood.

I recall singing it in music class...or camp...or somewhere.

Interestingly I have used it in some of my music classes.  I use it when teaching about calypso music.  I use it when teaching about work songs.

Some renditions of it are more appropriate for the classroom than others.

Some I just find quite funny.

I've included a couple of examples here.


The one most often attributed with having sung this song is Harry Belafonte. 

I so love this version with the Muppets. 

I would show this video to my college students as an example of calypso music.  They would just laugh because many of them had not watched the Muppets before. 

I must admit that it still makes me laugh a bit even after having seen it many times.  Gotta love Fozzy Bear!


This past weekend was Halloween and several friends mentioned watching this movie at a party.  I was reminded of hearing this song in the movie.

This version from the movie Beetlejuice is what prompted this post.

A lot of this movie is forgettable, but this scene often comes to my mind when I hear this song.  It made me laugh the first time I saw it and continues to do so.

I hope you enjoyed these two videos.

Do you have any memories of this song?

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