Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Couple of Cautions about Water Bottles

Water bottles are all the craze nowadays.

"Back in the day" when I was a student in band the only way to get a drink during rehearsal was to take a swig from the spray water bottle I used with my trombone. 

In choir getting a drink when parched a wishful thinking until rehearsal ended.

As a choir director I do not recall allowing my students to have water bottles in class.  (Some of my former students who might read this may chime in about this.)

Now, as a director of a band, I have "water bottle" listed on the suggestions/necessities for rehearsal.

Times certainly have changed.

I do want to put a couple of cautions out there.

First, know where your water bottle is!

I recall a time during choral society where I had a water bottle carefully tucked under my seat so that I could reach it easily during rehearsal.

I reached for my water bottle, but, alas, it wasn't where it should be.

As I looked under and around my seat for it I noticed my neighbor.

Sipping delicately...ON MY WATER BOTTLE!!

Yes, I knew it was mine because HERS was still under her seat.

I did not say anything and spent the remainder of the rehearsal wishing for a drink of water but there was none to be had.

Second, know which water bottle is yours!

Now this is not prompted by the previous story, but by something that happened at tonight's rehearsal.

I had a water bottle and was working on my laptop so I set it to the side.

Rehearsal started and all was going well.

I picked up my water bottle, talked some, drank some, and just continued rehearsal.

Rehearsal ended and I carried my bottle of water back to where my laptop was.

And yep - you guessed it!

THERE was MY bottle of water next to my laptop.

I looked at the bottle in my hand and felt like I was going to get sick.

I took the offending water bottle and my water bottle and threw both of them away.

I just felt like I needed to wash my mouth out to get the cooties, not to mention germs off my lips and out of my mouth.

I wanted to spit. 

But I did not.

But I wanted to.

*deep breath*

So far I am still alive.

I am sharing these experiences with you so that you may hopefully avoid what happened to me.

My sister suggested I needed to get a coozie (or however in the world that word is spelled) for my water bottles so I would always know which one was mine.

Sounds like a splendid idea!

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