Sunday, November 1, 2015

And the Audience Sings

Community singing is not a thing of the past.

Despite worries and concerns that it is becoming an obsolete activity.

Contemporary instances of it occurring just seem different because, well, it's not a group of people gathered around the campfire, piano, whatever lifting their voices in song.

Community singing today is usually spontaneous.

It just happens.

Every time I hear the audience singing along with a performer it gives me chills and just makes me stop what I doing to enjoy the moment.

I think of those audience members.

Some love to sing and sing all the time.
Some shouldn't be singing (if you know what I mean) and yet they sing anyway.
Some profess to HATE singing yet they occasionally (often) are caught up in the singing.


Because singing together with a group of friends and/or strangers gives such a sense of peace and connection.

Singing does that.

This post was prompted by a video I ran across today of Taylor Swift and Idina Menzel singing the song that everyone loves to hate.  It really needs no introduction.

Yet, this is not the only example.

What about this:

And apparently I am not the only one to be moved by community singing.  Here Beyonce seems thrilled as the audience takes over the song and she can catch her breath.

And then there's this.  Who hasn't stood united in victory at some sporting event and sung along to this song?

These are just a few examples.

Think about it.

When was the last time that you lifted up your voice to sing along with a group of people who were mostly strangers?

And next time, when you have the opportunity, just go ahead and


And enjoy it!

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