Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tonight's Musical Experience

How can I describe tonight's experience?


     I sat next to a high school freshman. Around 14-15 years old.
     There were a few people older than me.
     Lots of young'uns. :)

Like riding a bicycle.
     For some it had been YEARS since they'd done this.
     Slowly it came back to them.

     Tonight brought back many memories for me.
     Not just what I was doing, but the feelings and sense of contentment.

     I was in a room full of mostly strangers, but yet I felt comfortable and included.

One might ask what I am talking about.

Why, I am talking about an experience that many in America have had - that of playing in a community band.

If you have watched many episodes of the Andy Griffith show you might recall an episode when the Mayberry band was revived.

I was privileged to have grown up in a town that had a community band.

I spent several summers practicing in the, thankfully, air conditioned band room as well as performing at the band shell in the city park.

You see I was once that young freshman sitting next to me tonight.

Now it would appear I am the old person I once sat next to!

My, how times have changed, but yet so much remains the same.

For, after all, it is the music and the joy of actively making music together that brought us together.

An example of the power of music.

Did you play in band when you were younger?
Do you miss that sense of belonging and playing your instrument?
Do you still have your instrument?
Maybe YOU could have a similar experience to what I had tonight.
Check around where you live and hopefully, if you're lucky enough, you'll find a community band in your very own home town!

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  1. I don't play an instrument, but do enjoy the community choir experience.