Sunday, February 9, 2014

Every Day

I just heard it said that those who have been addicts struggle every day with the source of their addictions.

The conversation was referring to the recent death of yet another celebrity to heroin.

The addiction is the need for heroin every day.

Another reference was made to the oft overwhelming lure of food.

The addiction is the need for food every day ... in unhealthy amounts.

Both are very real struggles.

But the idea of "every day" is what stuck me.

I thought to myself, just a few hours after attending the local symphony's concert, that for me music is something I need every day.

Does that mean it is an addiction?

I have said here that I do not normally listen to music outside of what I do for work/school/rehearsals because it becomes too much like work and often is not relaxing.

But don't get me wrong for I have music in my life daily.

Every day.

And many times during the day.

Every day.

I can't even begin to list the amount of music I absorb during a day.

What was the last music I listened to?

The music to a game I was playing.

Will it be the last music I hear before I go to sleep, seeing it is nearly 2am as I look at the clock?

No, probably not.

So I repeat, is music an addiction?

I'll take it a step further and ask, can too much music be detrimental?

I'm not talking about music that leads people to do bad things.

With these thoughts I shall listen to the music of the night and turn in for the night.

Great! Now Phantom of the Opera is starting in my mind's ear.

And so my days ends with the chandelier crash at the beginning of the show.

It's a new day of music.

Every day.

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