Thursday, March 12, 2015

Memories of a Singing Girl Scout

Today is the anniversary of the Girl Scouts of America.

On March 12, 1912, Juliette Gordon Low began an organization with a group of girls in Georgia which would go on to become the Girl Scouts of America.

I am proud to say that I am a lifetime Girl Scout.

Scouting was a major part of my childhood and youth.

Sure, I enjoyed earning badges, cooking and camping out, playing games and performing skits. 

It was in Girl Scouts that I learned the importance of the flag and participated in many flag ceremonies for troop, camping, and civic events.

Camping was a big part of my summer. I was horribly homesick the first time I went for a two-week stay. I cried every night the first week. I recall receiving a letter from my mommy telling me that being homesick just meant how much I loved my family and my home and that I'd be just fine until they came to pick me up. 

Then I cried at the end of the two weeks because I didn't want to leave. I'd LOVED camping!

(Well, not all of it. To this day, after many caper assignments of cleaning out the latrine, I do NOT care to use an outhouse/latrine. Give me my indoor plumbing!)

My fondest memories of all the Girl Scout activities I was involved in all involved singing of some sort.

All songs were taught/learned through oral tradition - learning something through repetition. All harmony was done by ear.

I think it was Girl Scout camp that really prepared me musically for listening carefully for musical sounds.

"Make New Friends" is a song that takes me back to those childhood days spent in Girl Scouts.

At camp we sang all kinds of songs.  Beautiful songs like "Barges" and fun songs like the "Billboard Song."

After each meal we would sing songs that cheered for our camp (Camp Conestoga in Iowa) and for our individual units.  I can still remember the songs I sang for my units - Prairie's Edge, Tinder Trails, and Outback.

Campfires were a highlight of my time camping. I loved hearing all the voices blending together. Early on I was a fan of the harmony that was created.  I still find myself singing the three songs that always ended each final camp-wide campfire: "Each Campfire Lights Anew," "Green Trees Around Us," "Taps"

Games were song based. I remember "One & Twenty" and "Sarasponda" being favorites.

The songs I've mentioned here are just examples of the 100s of songs that I learned while at Girl Scout camp.

I am thankful for my involvement in Girl Scouts. Not only because of all that I learned, but because of all the music that it brought to my life.

I'll end with one last song: "Happy Birthday, Girls Scouts!"

Thanks for the memories...

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