Saturday, April 19, 2014

Musical Treasures From The Past

I've written before about purchasing lots (as in collected items and sold as a "lot") of sheet music.

Despite the mustiness of the pages I find myself eager to pore over each page and look forward to playing through each one.

Today's lot included sheet music from the first half of the last century. 

Wow! I find it hard to state a particular era, especially one nearly a century ago.

As I lifted the music from the box I came across an envelope which I set aside because my hands were filled with sheet music.

I just had a feeling I wanted to look closely at its contents.

I found a book for beginning violin. I have many instruments, but I don't have a violin.

At least when (not if) I get a violin I'll have a method book to work from.

I found a commencement program from Hunter College dated 1944. I scanned it quickly to see if I recognized any names. 

I didn't.

Finally I got to the envelope. 

It was fragile.

It was OLD.

Inside I found a duet of Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite.

I put it with the other music.

There appeared to be something else in the envelope.

Ever mindful of possible spiders, I tentatively put my hand further in the envelope.

No spiders!


I found a smallish book-like item.

My heart leapt thinking it might be a mysterious passport from the past.

It wasn't.

It was the book shown below.

Army Song Book.

The cover is loose, but present.

I found a couple torn out pages.  

It seems I'm missing the title page for the front and a couple songs from the back of the book.

The book contains patriotic, sentimental, and church songs.

It's nearly complete and looks pretty good for being perhaps nearly 100 years old.

I find myself curious.

Who carried this particular book?

Did he like to sing?

Did this book survive a battle?

What countries was it carried to?

I'll never know, but I am thankful for this mysterious treasure from the past.

Someone else made it last this long.

Now it's my turn to continue its journey.

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