Sunday, March 30, 2014

Road Kill

Today on the way to church I spotted road kill on the road.

Normally I avert my eyes, pretending I do not see it, yet the human side of me nearly always HAS to look to see what it is.

First, I spotted a o'possum.

So I sang the rabbit and possum song.

Drove a little further and saw something I've never seen before: a dead robin on the road.

I thought to myself: "Poor little robin!"

I found myself singing "Who Killed Cock Robin?"

Such a sad, perplexing song.

A musical "whodunit," if you will.

Then I saw a skunk on the road.

I could have sung the little skunk song.

Instead I just held my nose!

Oh, such is the life of a person with thousands of songs in her head --

Even road kill is inspiration for music!

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